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Welcome :) after many inquires thought i would put it here LOL yes I am an artist :) and yes there are many pieces here that I made or my good friends made and other lovely people so please keep the credits when you reblog AND if there is an image I don't have a credit on and you know who did it PLEASE message me with the info ALSO PLEASE DO NOT PIN or WeHEART my images and gifs THANKS ever so
Peace and Enjoy

via frauleinfox on freepeople 
by William McIntosh
by Jeanette Jones
4 Directions
cobalt blue by Patrick Feller   Sargent Beach TX
Mick Fanning via Tokoro Surfboards
Jordy Smith by Trevor Moran  Sunset at Bells Beach, Vic  AU via StabMag
Breathing Sun by Solomon X Mooney 
Silent light by Sebastien Tabuteaud at petitescargotphoto

by Niccolò Dionisi